Media Arts and Technology

Marcos Novak @ UCSB Classics

Myths and Media: Antiquity and the Avant-Garde

Myths and Media

Marcos Novak

Thursday, December 11, 2014 @ 5:30pm
HSSB 6020 (McCune Conference Room)

Professor Marcos Novak is an artist, transarchitect, and theorist. In 2000 he represented Greece at the Venice Biennale. He directs the
transLAB and is Vice Chair of the Media Arts and Technology Program at UCSB. Of Greek origin, he grew up in Athens, at the foot of Mount
Hymettus, learning ancient Greek language, mythology, and philosophy in their original settings. His experiences in Greece inform his work to
the present day. He will discuss the ongoing relevance of ancient Greek thought to contemporary global creative and research culture.